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The Leningrad Codex, a.d. 1008–1009.

Pictured here are two carpet pages from the oldest, complete codex of the Hebrew Bible.


For more information on the Leningrad Codex see the following hosted by the West Semitic Research Project.


     The Hebrew 2 Hub website was originally designed for a course I lectured in the spring of 2005 at St Mary’s College, the divinity school of the University of St Andrews (St Andrews, Scotland). The site derives its name from the course title, “Hebrew 2,” which was the second semester of biblical Hebrew designed to extend students’ skills in reading the Hebrew Bible, including both prose and poetry. This website has gone through a number of revisions as I taught the course again in the spring of 2006 and then as I taught an introductory Hebrew course in the summers of 2007 and 2008 at Friends University (Wichita, Kansas). Originally, this website was hosted on St Andrews University’s website via WebCT, but I have made it available here, albeit in a somewhat modified form, so that these resources might be available to a wider audience, to anyone interested in acquiring biblical Hebrew. Since Hebrew 2 Hub was designed for second semester Hebrew, it is incomplete. Nevertheless, there are a number of useful resources for those just beginning to acquire Hebrew. While I am generally satisfied with most of the elements of this website, I am particularly pleased with the Jonah page where a variety of auditory, visual, and textual resources have been brought together.

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J. Ted Blakley

Ph.D. Candidate at the University of St. Andrews

Thesis: “Incomprehension or Resistance?: The Markan Disciples and the Narrative Logic of Mark 4:1–8:30”